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Sixth International Conference on Karachi November 2018




Call for Papers – Deadline for submission of Abstracts 10th August 2018 Sixth International Conference on Karachi November 2018 Karachi

This is a call for Papers for the 6th International Conference on Karachi 2018, arranged by its patron organization the Karachi Conference Foundation (KCF). This year we invite papers on all themes and subjects related to Karachi, but especially on certain themes, which we feel are central to the city's wellbeing. These may include Karachi's water crisis, pollution, public sector reform, necessarily the overall changing nature of the metropolis due to new pressures. The conference has a multidisciplinary approach and showcases research and scholarship on Karachi that may additionally have an impact on the larger context of Sindh. The Abstracts Committee shall consider any theme/sub-theme that could not be included in our previous conferences. All abstracts regardless of selection will be published in the form of a booklet prior to the conference. Interested participants are invited to submit their abstracts of 250-300, words, along with the short profile ranging in between 200-250 words to by 10th August 2018. Selected participants shall be informed of the acceptance of their abstracts by 31st August 2018.

Call for Papers - deadline 10th August 2018.


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