About Karachi Conference


Karachi is the world’s fastest growing city and constitutes Pakistan's biggest metropolitan area. Historically, the Karachi region has a rich archaeological heritage stretching back to the Neolithic period and the city's built heritage can be traced back to the medieval era, as different parts of the city are associated in legend and folklore with mystical events and religious figures. Since the 18th century, many different communities have settled in Karachi and have contributed to its evolving landscape. The city has been an engine for economic and cultural growth far beyond its own boundaries, especially in the fields of trade, commerce, education, art and architecture, food, language, etc. It is to celebrate the socio-economic and cultural mosaic of one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse cities in the world that the first international conference on Karachi is being held.

Aims and Objectives

The primary objective of the conference is to highlight the importance of Karachi and all facets of its urban existence through a scholarly exercise, for understanding the role that it has assumed as a regional hub. Karachi’s resume will grow with its fast pace of development in the backdrop of globalisation and regionalisation, and the related geo-political upheavals that are visibly developing in this part of the world.

A secondary objective of the conference is to bring together local and international academic institutions, scholars, and development and social activists who have worked on Karachi, to engage with each other and with other like-minded local individuals for future academic endeavors, especially those relevant to the city. The holding of the conference and the publication of its outcomes will serve as a foundation template for prospective research and scholarly activity on Karachi.

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